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Taking part

Taking part in Open Studios is hard work and great fun! Artists and makers benefit from being able to sell their work directly, take commissions, sign visitors up to classes and make gallery contacts. They are often inspired to explore new themes or methods with ideas generated in discussion with visitors. They have the opportunity to hear feedback about their work directly - not so readily available if they are usually exhibiting in galleries/public spaces.The aim of the event is to provide interesting days out for our visitors, providing them with the opportunity to engage with art/craft, the people who make it, in the spaces in which it is made, while exploring this lovely part of Scotland.

Criteria for participation

To be a participant in Open Studios North Fife you need to be working full or part-time as a professional artist or designer-maker, producing work of an excellent standard, with a permanent work space in the north Fife area. The workspace can be a purpose built studio, a converted garden shed, well–equipped kitchen table, rented WASPS studio – anywhere you work as long as you can safely and appropriately display your work to visitors. You need to be willing to be present in your studio for the duration of the Open Studios event and to speak to visitors about your work. You will also to be expected to help with distribution of publicity materials and other tasks in the run up to the event. You will be responsible for your own public liability insurance.

How do I Apply?

To apply to participate in Open Studios you need to send an email to , with the following information which will be shared with members of the committee for consideration;

Your name, your address, the address of your studio and some images of your work or a link to your website. Please also provide brief details about what you make and information about where you have exhibited, commissions, etc .... any details that help to evidence that you are professional in terms of standard of work and approach, and that your work has previously been selected for display.

You will be sent the registration forms once your application has been approved by members of the committee.


Registration forms are available from the end of August preceding the event. Completed forms and participant fee must be received by the organisers by 31st Oct preceding the event. Once received you will be allocated a password for the website and the deadline for uploading your entry to the website is 13th November. You will be required to proof your brochure entry by the end of January and the brochure goes to print in February and is available for distribution in March.

Geographical Area

The event covers the north Fife area, stretching east from the M90 towards St Andrews, north to the Tay Bridge, and south to Leslie, Pitlessie, Chance Inn & Ceres.

Can I Borrow a Venue?

I don't live/work in the area but I can borrow a friends' studio/shed/garage for the event – can I take part? No, sorry. The event is for artists/makers with a permanent studio in the area only – it would become unmanageable in terms of organisation and for visitors if we were to include visiting artists in borrowed/rented spaces. We do allow sharing of studios in some situations where an artist cannot open their own work space, perhaps because of safety issues, building work etc, but they must have their usual workspace in the north Fife area and be sharing with another paid up participant and be able to set up the shared space in a way that preserves the unique nature of the experience for the visitor. We want the Open Studio experience to be different to that of engaging with work in a gallery or craft fair – half the fun is seeing into spaces not usually open to the public and seeing the equipment used!

I'm just starting out – can I take part?

It doesn't matter how long you have been in business or how or where you learnt to do what you do as long as your work is of excellent quality and you are able to present it and talk about it in a professional manner.

We are a group of amateur artists/makers – can we take part?

No, sorry.The event is set up to support professionals who are making, or attempting to make, at least part of their living from their artistic practice. While we recognise that many amateurs will be producing work of a very high quality there are other events /exhibitions which support the showing of their work.

Disciplines Included in Open Studios

Painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, jewellery, textile work, metal work, glass, ceramics/pottery, sculpture, woodwork are all included.

(All work must demonstrate skill and design element – the use of kits/piecing together bought-in pieces only is not acceptable).


Every participant pays a fee to take part in Open Studios. This pays for production of the publicity materials, advertising, sign boards etc.

The participation fee for the 2019 event is £175.

I'm not an artist but would like to support the event/become involved - Financial or in-kind help is always gratefully received!

Every year a decision is made about space for advertisers in the 25,000 brochures printed – email us if you'd like to advertise with us. If you own a gallery, coffee shop, restaurant or similar, you could benefit from increased business from all the visitors to the event.
If you can help with distribution of brochures around Scotland we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you go on regular day trips and could take some brochures with you and get permission for them to be displayed in public/commercial venues and waiting rooms.