Kit Martin

Cyanotype and other alternative photography processes as well as digital. With a background in biological and medical imaging, she has recently been working with museum zoology collections as well as photographing insects and making work at the seashore. A mixture of framed and unframed prints, hand made books and cards, as well as printed fabric.

1 Beechwood Terrace East, Newport-on-Tay, DD6 8JG
Telephone: 07789 292 520
Email: hello [at]
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Open Studios Event: this year the artist is accepting visitors to their studio.
Directions: From the Forgan roundabout on the A92, head along Cupar Road then turn left onto Kirk Road at Newport Primary. Bridge Street is on the right then first right is Beechwood Terrace East. Or walk up from Newport through Kinbrae park and turn right onto the lane at the top of the park.
Access: Sorry but there is not wheelchair access, as there are steps up to the front door and a step down to the back door. On street parking is available.
Points of Interest: Tayfield Estate is nearby for a walk. There's a playpark at the end of the lane.
cyanotype made at the seashore
cyanotype made at the seashore
hand made cyanotype concertina book
Cyanotype on paper
digital image of red campion on a black background
digital image of fox and cubs wildflower on black background
abstract circles containing flowers on black background
cyanotype of bat and butterfly on paper