Scott Hawkins

Scott is an artist, illustrator and philosopher. Inspired by people, poetry and prose, he renders what's seen, heard and felt, into paint / pictures, cartoons and relief-print. With common symbols and ideas in different contexts, he publishes in fanzines and exhibits internationally, working from his bedroom studio.

8 Servite House, Kinbrae Park Gardens, Newport-On-Tay, Fife, DD6 8JX
Telephone: 07910506260
Open Studios Event: this year the artist is accepting visitors to their studio.
Directions: Scott's studio is in a social-housing complex. It's in an urban setting at the end of a short road next to a bus terminus. At the complex he is on the first-floor facing west. ‘Open Studio’ signs will be displayed in the window.
Access: Access is up a flight of steps. Limited parking on main street or close-by in centre of Newport-On-Tay.
Points of Interest: Located on the Tay river estuary, Scott’s studio is part of a new-build that borders onto a wooded, landscaped country estate. There’s a network of paths for easy exploration and a good network of transport links to all corners. Come by bus, bicycle, boat or car... or walk, there's plenty to enjoy.
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