Jane Wheeler

Wheeler has worked in several media, including ceramics and textiles, but now in later life has prioritised painting. Having moved to Fife she finds the landscape an endless source of inspiration, using memory and mark-making and the physicality of paint to make abstract paintings about place.

40 Campbell Crescent, Cupar, KY15 5YT
Telephone: 07789 005 829
Email: design [at] janewheeler.co.uk
Open Studios Event: this year the artist is accepting visitors to their studio.
Directions: turn off Ceres road into Robertson Road. take first right into Hogarth Road take second left into Robertson Road take first right into Campbell Crescent take next right into branch of Campbell Crescent my bungalow is on the right and the studio is in the garage.
Access: parking in my drive, parking along the kerb in front of the house - all kerb parking is free. studio has a step up - not accessible for wheelchairs.
Points of Interest: Walking to Ceres on Ceres moor footpath starts nearby with footpath loops at the top of the hill through woods, also you can walk to Tarvit Ponds on the edge of Cupar. We are very close to Cairngreen Wood and the Hill of Tarvit, Dura Den and Kemback woods.
Kinshaldy Alder pools: Willow Warbler: Jane Wheeler
Ariadne's Naxos: Cairngreen Wood: Jane Wheeler
Driftwood Sculpture, Kinshaldy Beach  Jane Wheeler
Ariadne in the Wood  Jane Wheeler
Tide-posts: river mouth: low  Jane Wheeler
How the river shines today  Jane Wheeler
In the Cairngreen wood nothing received but waiting  Jane Wheeler
walking around Cairngreen four larch trees  Jane Wheeler