Rory MacPhee

Rory owns and operates Lindor Forest in Fife, from where he practices as a boatbuilder, sculptor and designer/maker. Collaborative work with groups and individuals is offered. For example, in April ‘24 a ONETREE project will be launched, creating multi-dimensional pieces from a birch. The year will also see the launch of a voyaging currach

Lindor Curative Forest Norman’s Law Fife KY154PB
Telephone: 07398160256
Email: curativeforest [at]
Directions: Drive or cycle to KY154PB via A92, Luthrie and keeping Brunton to the right. There is a small car park with signage and map for Fife Coast Path. Head up and along Coast Path headed west to Newburgh. Walking time 15 minutes. Lindor is marked by a sign on the left at the top of the hill
Access: Accessible to all, though will require a large energising breakfast
Points of Interest: North of Norman’s Law, a well known landmark rising to 800 feet
Sycamore Vase
Sycamore Spoon
Coffee Scoop
Sculpture representing Nordic boatbuilding
Dug Out Canoe from 300 year old sycamore tree